Is anyone else really confused as to how band so quickly became such an important part of their life because like
That’s where I am right now

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Hanging out with the low brass

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Seniors, when you find yourself wishing for the way it used to be, remember you will be “the way it used to be” for the freshmen this year. Make it amazing.


- The 13th Chair

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Band camp: aka sunburn season

Aka the only time anyone sees me outside during the summer

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Ok imagine this- a marching band pre game set where, instead of forming a tunnel or whatever for the football team to run through, the band forms a maze and the players have to find their way out

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I like this video because I march euphonium in SCV but I can also casually toss a pretty clean sabre 8

You stop that right now.

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talking to non band kids about band is a whole lot of ?????


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let’s be real here, a strong low brass section is hot

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DCI Letter Ask.


Dear _____ (Tumblr user),

You would look awesome marching _____ (Instrument / Guard equipment) because you have _____ (Reasons why). I think you would look best with _____ (Corps) because you are _____ (Reasons why).

I think that if we marched the same corps we’d be good _____ (Relationship type), because _____ (Reasons why). If not, I would love to meet you at _____ (Specific show) and we could _____ (Activity description).


_____ (Asker)

P.S. (Whatever you want to add)

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